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Molecular Biology


In order to identify microorganisms with certainty, we need to take a look at their genetic material: their DNA. Not all microbes are the same, and we have developed specialized methods with which we can also reliably detect and identify extremophiles and archaea. Conventional methods often do not work here, or only inadequately, so valuable information is lost and data can be misinterpreted.

With our customized processes and high-end equipment, we can therefore offer you a unique repertoire of molecular microbiology.

​We offer the following molecular biological examinations for bacteria and archaea:


  • DNA extraction

  • DNA amplification (PCR)

  • DNA sequencing

  • 16S profiling (Nanopore)

  • Identification of microbes using DNA database comparison

  • qPCR for the quantification of archaea, bacteria, sulfate reducers and methanogens

Would you like to get to know your microorganisms with us?
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