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Microorganisms can be found everywhere - even in the most unusual places and under the most extreme conditions. One extreme habitat for us humans is the absence of oxygen. Such oxygen-free environments are populated by special microorganisms called anaerobic microbes. You have never heard of them? Yet you have certainly encountered these special organisms.


Did you know that anaerobic microorganisms are not only responsible for the ripening of cheese, but are also instrumental in the production of biogas? As useful as these microbes may often be, their ability to survive without oxygen also often makes them unwanted or at least unexpected inhabitants of technical systems, such as closed hydraulic systems or gas storages. But even in a habitat where they are explicitly desired - such as a biogas plant - it takes some know-how to keep the organisms growing well. Anaerobic microbes often live in communities and have highly specialized metabolisms, making analysis and cultivation particularly challenging.



We have extensive expertise in dealing with these highly complex organisms and advise you individually. Together with you, we analyze the situation in order to develop the right solution for you based on this analysis.


Our service portfolio includes, among others, the following points:

  • Development of special containers for sterile and anaerobic sampling

  • Microbial analysis of anaerobic systems

  • Detection and remediation of biological corrosion

  • Stabilization and optimization of growth conditions for microorganisms in biomethanation plants

  • Cultivation of anaerobic microbes

  • Comprehensive consulting and support during implementation

Scenarios - you don't know if we are the right ones for you? Please contact us! Here are some more specific scenarios in which we can help:

  • You operate a biomethanation plant and want to increase the methane yield?

  • You have corrosion problems in an infrastructure that is free of atmospheric oxygen?

  • You operate hydraulic plants (oil and water plants) and observe unexpected failures?

  • You have a natural gas storage facility and want to know which microorganisms live in it and what influence they have on the gas?

  • You want to store hydrogen and make sure that it is not degraded by microorganisms?


For these and many other questions on the subject of anaerobic microbes, Microbify is your best choice.

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"Maintenance matters"

Maintenance and care
are essential for
high-pressure equipment.
We explain why.


We love the challenges that come with working in the absence of oxygen. Together, our qualifications complement each other perfectly and we are looking forward to tackling complex issues.

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We are always looking forward to exciting projects - contact us!

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